Reasons Skeptics Should Consider Christianity

reasons-skeptics-should-consider1-91x150“This book covers 50 reasons why Christianity is credible. The Bible claims to be more than just the greatest book ever written. It claims to be the very word of God – a revelation from God to man. Skeptics ask tough questions of Christians about the Bible and Jesus Christ – ‘Since Jesus was human, wasn’t he fallible?’ ‘Is there evidence of instantaneous creation?’ ‘Does the book of Genesis contain contradictory accounts of creation?'” Click here for Free Download

Skeptics Who Demanded a VerdictEnglish-Skeptics-Who-Demanded-A-Verdict1-89x150
“Josh McDowell explores the fascinating lives of three men who were profoundly skeptical about Christianity yet somehow all were profoundly changed by it. Skeptics Who Demanded a Verdict recounts the intriguing stories of Chuck Colson, key figure in the Watergate scandal; C.S. Lewis, renowned British author and committed atheist; and a certain university student by the name of Josh McDowell, who at one time was himself deeply skeptical about religion. This book recounts the facts that each of these brilliant men discovered that led them to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.” Click here for Free Download

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