Comparative Religion PDFs

Q1103-102x150What’s The Appeal Of The New Age Movement?
New Age thinking has become more visible today in art, music, business, education, and government; however, this increasing interest in “spirituality” is creating a move away from Christ. In this booklet, co-authors Dan Vander Lugt and Kurt De Haan examine the teachings and tactics of the New Age movement. Get PDF booklet here.


43272_w185iTunes has audio messages on various themes by Indian born Dr. Ravi Zacharias. Check out his radio program: Let My People Think. Here is one of his video messages on GodTube, based on his book: Jesus Among Other Gods.



PROBELIVEBANNERProbe Ministries has many helpful articles on a variety of topics. They are written from a biblical worlview and provide footnoted documentation. An example: “Islam and Christianity: Common Misconceptions,” by Don Closson.

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