The Story Cloth

What kind of presentation has helped thousands of Maasai in East Africa come to a personal relationship with the true God?

Bob Calvert, John Shepherd and others have created a visual “story cloth.”

The Story Cloth
The Story Cloth

“The Chronological Bible Stories were developed in 2004 by missionaries to the Massai in Kenya and Tanzania. They were used as a way to reach people with the gospel who could not read or write. Knowing that most Massai people are primary oral learners who use stories to pass on tremendous amounts of information from one generation to another, Bob Calvert developed 42 Chronological Bible Stories, starting with Creation and ending with the Ascension of Christ. The stories were put on a Storying Cloth to be shared with the Massai people.”

Now you can benefit from this collection of stories from the Bible that reveal God’s plan of salvation. Visit and click on the story graphic for a summary of each biblical lesson.

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